Sport Live Masters – Propositions



Each team consists of 2 men and 2 women

All teams play against each other (round robin).



  • All teams play 7 matches in total
  • A match consists of 5 games = 1 mens single, 1 womens single, 1 mens double, 1 womens double and 1 mixdouble.
  • First half of the match are the 2 singles and the mixdouble. Second half of the match are the 2 doubles.
  • Games are time limited to 45 minutes. When time is up, the ongoing round is played till all boules are thrown.
  • Each team has one throw of the jack, and if the throw is not valid, the opponent places the jack in a position of their choice – within the rules for throwing a jack.
  • All lines are dead.



Lost game                                                    0 point

Tied game                                                    1 point

Won game (not achieved 13 points)            2 points

Won game (achieved 13 points)                  3 points

This means, that one match contains up to 15 gamepoints (all games won with 13 points achieved)



Nations are ranked by their results and in case of equalities; the rules below applies.

Equalities are handled by these rules:

  1. Gamepoints achieved in mutual match
  2. Score differences in mutual match
  3. Own score in mutual match
  4. Deciding round.

(each player of the team play one boule each.)



Prices for the best team (country)